Converting your website to a mobile friendly format

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Since the advent of cheap smartphones and availability of free OS like android, millions of people all over the world have access to the web through them. One of the main challenges medium size businesses face these days are displaying their web content on a smartphone. You either need to create a mobile compatible theme as an extension of the desktop theme of your website, or you need to create a separate entity for mobile altogether. However, these may be a costly affair considering development and deployment charges.

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Fortunately, a lot of free and paid services exist online which can create a mobile friendly version of your website in the form of an app even if you do not have any programming or coding knowledge!. Most of them work pretty well to begin with. You can also monetize these app through ads, however I strongly discourage people from doing so, because personally, I hate ads popping up on any apps that I use!

That being said, I would like to list down some sites that can convert your website to a mobile friendly format.

  1. Duda Mobile:
    Dudamobile is one of my favorite site when it comes to such conversions, because of its vast customization options and sheer simplicity. They have various offers right from FREE to premium plans. You can create and customize the mobile version of your site in minutes.
  2. BuddyPress Mobile : 
    Mobile BuddyPress is a mobile blog theme that is optimized for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and some Blackberry devices. Like most of the other plugins listed here, this plugin detects the mobile device of your visitor and then displays 1 of 2 BuddyPress Mobile themes. It also includes the option for your visitors to switch between the desktop and mobile versions of your site.
  3. App Factory : 
    App Factory lets you create a mobile app for any platform: iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7. It’s HTML5 enabled, yet there is no coding required to create your app. The service prides itself on consistency and making sure your app works across every platform. You can fully customize your app with your logo, colors, etc. Along with your blog, you can also create an app based around your Twitter, Flickr, YouTube accounts, and more. Pricing: Play with the App Factory free; Get the App Pack $20; Upgrade to a Pro App $750.
  4. MobiSiteGalore : 
    mobiSiteGalore claims itself to be the easiest mobile web builder, for as average as 54 minutes their customers can already build a fully functional mobile version of their website. Another good thing is, as you may have noticed, many of the services listed below focuses on smartphones. Well, mobiSiteGalore do support low end phones that aren’t so smart. (Free – $225/year)
  5. BMobilized : 
    Turns your website into mobile version really fast with bMobilized. It offers the fast conversion with comprehensive customization as an option available for you to tune the design well.bMobilized claims they support more than 13000 mobile devices, including all major brands. Also the more website you host using their service the higher the discount you get. So if you have a network of websites that needs conversion, bMobilized is the perfect service for you!($19.99/month)
  6. Mobify : 
    If you are engaged in e-commerce, Mobify is probably the best service out there for you. Mobify offers HTML5 features for its clients, and their experienced teams will design your mobile site to your specific requirements, with the fact that most stores going from concept to launch within 3 weeks. You can also go for self-serve solution by referring to their Publisher page. (Publisher Pricing: $0 – $1000)
  7. Onbile : 
    In a hurry to create a mobile version of your website? Well, with only 3 very simple steps and 5 minutes at hand you can! Onbile supports smartphones like iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The only disadvantage here will be its limited templates, but their templates are generally awesome!(Free)

There you have it…now go ahead and try to do it yourself!!!

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