Computer working slow?

Hey there!,

I still get a lot of queries from friends, family and co-workers on tips to make their system run faster. Sometimes i give them actual tips and sometime I ask them to kick their system to see if it runs faster! 😀


There are a lot of things that affect system performance, there is no single application that will speed up your system. Do not install and cleaners or expensive applications that promises to speed up your systems, they usually just clean temporary files and do nothing else. If you need a program that will automatically clean your temporary files you can create a batch file for the same and put it in startup, so that it cleans your system as soon as the system starts.


Here is the batch file script (Its for windows 7, you can change the path as required) :-


cd C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local

rmdir /S /Q Temp

del C:\Windows\Prefetch\*.* /Q

del C:\Windows\Temp\*.* /Q

Copy-Paste the above commands in a notepad and save it as cleanup.bat … thats it, you can run the file whenever you want to perform cleanup or add it on your startup.

There are other factors that you can check to improve performance, like :-

  • Make sure that you keep your C drive(OS drive) as free(empty) as possible.
  • Go-to “Msconfig” and uncheck all applications that are not required at startup. This will make your system load the desktop faster and prevent that sluggish startup behavior. (To access msconfig, open the run window, type msconfig and click Ok).
  • If your sytem is more than 2 years old then you should consider upgrading RAM for better performance. Because, we tend to install newer OS and application in older system, newer apps have a minimum requirement to ‘work’ and a recommended system requirement to ‘work as it should’. Upgrading RAM would give it the much needed energy to run newer applications.
  • Keep your Anti-virus software up-to-date, regularly updating your AV is very important as thousands of newer viruses are invented everyday and your system needs to be updated to recognize them.
  • Update your OS and drivers regularly


You can also use applications like “REVO Uninstaller”. Whenever you uninstall any program, it leaves behind a lot of temporary files and registry keys which the system has to read everytime. Uninstalling your program with Revo makes sure that all temporary files/folders and registry keys are also removed with the program.

These are some basic tips that you can use to speed up your system. Advance tips needs more space and time to describe which may not be possible here. If you have any queries you can always contact me.

Remember, just like in relationships you need to let go sometimes to improve your life, similarly, you need to delete all unwanted stuff from your system to improve performance. It may seem useful or useful in future, but it never is. DELETE!


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