Does celebrity endorsement enhances the sale of a product ?

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People, especially from rural areas tend to believe that if a celebrity endorses a product it must be effective or worth it. Maybe due to their ignorance or simply because celebrities are pretty darn good actors who can convince them. But many people, including myself laugh at the advertisements that they show on TV. It is literally a joke on people’s mentality and logic.

Mr T foolsWhy would Kareena Kapoor who is a millionaire use a 20 Rs Boroplus to enhance her skin tone? Why would Bipasha Basu use a 10 Rs lip guard to protect her lips? These people never use these products but try to convince people through ads that they are pretty good and they should be using it. In fact if you look carefully they don’t even hold the product while advertising, its added as an after effect.

Shahrukh Khan advertises fair and handsome and claims that when he was a struggler all he had with him was 20 Rs and a tube of fair and handsome…this one is really off the hook…fair and handsome was launched in 2010 :P…or that he uses a lux soap which costs 30 Rs. These people use cosmetics and gadgets worth lakhs of rupee, not these cheap stuff that they endorse. So you see my point, celebrities will do anything for money, even endorse shitty product, they don’t care about people, all they care about is their bank balance.

I wont be surprised if tomorrow some top actress endorse shit as as “the most effective” beauty cream to enhance skin tone. The problem lies in Indian mentality since we are obsessed about having fair skin. These advertisements are smartly made habit altering tools to makes you feel ugly so that you buy their product. Toothpaste ad’s for example, these days all of them are showing actors dressed as dentist telling you that they certified and approve this paste, and they say it using really cheesy dialogues and dumb graphics. Toothpaste is nothing but a mixture of calcium and fluoride with some flavoring. Similarly with soaps and other hygiene products.

So the next time you buy something ask yourself if you are buying it just for its glamour quotient or because it is actually a useful product!

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