The recruitment paradox

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If you own a business don’t you think you should hire the best and brightest talent out there to help you grow your business? That’s right, every businessman wants to do this. In fact they hire a whole team of HR guys to do this for them.

ImageBut, lets think in the reverse order. Are your HR guys qualified to evaluate candidates in the first phase of hiring? Do they have the skills to recognize talent just by skimming through CV’s and talking on phone? Unfortunately this does not happen and a lot of good talent is rejected outright. Talent is a very subjective thing, someone said it right, ‘you cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it never will’.

It needs thorough evaluation of each candidate to dwell deep and recognize talent. However, to save time and cut corners HR team usually doesn’t bother to do this.

I remember my interview at a top IT company, I worked with them for almost 18 months. Did you read what I just wrote? I wrote “I worked with them” and not “I worked for them”. This is what distinguishes a ‘good company’ from the ‘best company’. They did not call me in a cabin and sat opposite me with a judgmental look on their face while i answered questions. We sat in their office lounge on a sofa and discussed the work and my skills over coffee and cookies!

I got the idea for this post when one of my friend who owns a small company was clueless about hiring good talent. So think again about your hiring process, your HR guys might just have rejected a future Steve Ballmer just because he was unable to answer some preset generic questions.


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3 comments on “The recruitment paradox
  1. suchi says:

    nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Juri says:

    this post is an inspiration… may be i am loosing a good job bcoz of the inefficiency of there HR team…:P

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