How to create an attractive e-mail signature.


Is a professional looking e-mail signature important? Or does the routine “With Regards, XYZ” suffice? Well if you ask me, an attractive e-mail signature at the end of an e-mail does make slight subconscious impact on the reader. By attractive I don’t mean over the top, large decorated images or fonts. Something subtle yet attractive is the way to go.

Here is the e-mail signature that I use.


 This was made in HTML using FrontPage !. Its simple yet elegant.

Adding your image instead of the company logo on the signature is the a great way to make an informal acquaintance even before you meet someone. Since everything revolve around social media these days, its important that you add your company’s social media links to your signature. I created icons in Photoshop using the same blue colour I used for the header to create a seamless effect, and then added hyper links to each icons.

I used tables with invisible borders to perfectly align each sections, otherwise the formatting goes haywire. For the header I assigned the colour I wanted to that cell’s background colour property.

I find those long confidentiality disclaimer most companies adds at the end of their mail to be really boring, so I just typed one line of disclaimer which basically speaks the same thing.

If you know a bit of HTML you can easily create such signatures. After creating one, upload the signature to Microsoft Outlook or whichever e-mail client that you use.

If you need help with creating one you can always send me a message. See Ya 🙂

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