About Me

Hey there…Thanks for visiting my blog.541339_10151405887889580_1989998520_n

My name is Roshan Pillai, and I work for a private company as a BI manager.

Technology has been my first love..I remember dis-assembling my neighbors(also my first human love :D) musical keyboard when I was barely 6.  Then I progressed to dis-assembling our TV….music players and anything that I could lay my hands on. Not to mention the frustration of my mom when things didn’t work at home. But slowly I learned how to put things back together, learnt electronics and programming.  I still love working on weekend projects whether its electronic or just drawing random stuff.
I also love to go on long drives on weekends out of Mumbai with my friends (if they are willing to share the fuel cost!)

The purpose of this blog is to help people find innovative and low cost solutions to technical dead-end. I will also be sharing a lot of DIY projects and case studies.

You can also drop me a mail if you need any technical help.

Keep Experimenting!!!

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