How to create an attractive e-mail signature.

Hi, Is a professional looking e-mail signature important? Or does the routine “With Regards, XYZ” suffice? Well if you ask me, an attractive e-mail signature at the end of an e-mail does make slight subconscious impact on the reader. By

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BIG DATA – Is it really something big ?

The term “Big Data” is being used a lot these days. People from IT industry may know a thing or two about it but it sounds like some complex out of the world term for normal non-tech people. So what

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The recruitment paradox

Hey there, If you own a business don’t you think you should hire the best and brightest talent out there to help you grow your business? That’s right, every businessman wants to do this. In fact they hire a whole

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Does celebrity endorsement enhances the sale of a product ?

Hey there, People, especially from rural areas tend to believe that if a celebrity endorses a product it must be effective or worth it. Maybe due to their ignorance or simply because celebrities are pretty darn good actors who can

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Mail Merge Using Google Script to send customized mails to multiple contacts

Hey there, Almost all of us must have been in a situation in office where we had to send bulk mails as a personalized mail to each client with their name (E.G : Dear Roshan Pillai,). Normally we would have

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Computer working slow?

Hey there!, I still get a lot of queries from friends, family and co-workers on tips to make their system run faster. Sometimes i give them actual tips and sometime I ask them to kick their system to see if

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Open Source Systems and CMS

Hey there, No one really thought that open source systems would be so popular as they are today. After all, why would people work so hard and write thousand of page of programs and then give it away for free?

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